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Member Success Program (MSP 2.0)
Dr. Karen Rowe, Acupuncturist

Thanks for the BEST Member Success Program (MSP 2.0)training session BNI ever staged...
1) you started on time
2) you delivered alot of information
3) you were highly entertaining (especially in regards to cell phones)
4) and I felt my time was respected, an ingredient that is important to every business...

Phone: 954 663-4325
Email: drkaren1489@yahoo.com

Leadership Team Forums
LT Forums - The Best

Thanks again for making the Leadership Team Forum a success this morning. Your input, feedback, ideas and insights are already having an impact on the attendees and their Chapters! Here’s what the giver’s said they gained from the Forums:

1) I love seeing how involved other leaders are in their Chapter, it makes me realize that we are not alone in caring about the future of the Chapter.
2) Glad to hear that we are not the only Chapter having struggles and the ideas shared by each chapter will help.
3) I found the Slate transition review very helpful, it seemed complicated but in fact it will work well.
4) I got some great advice for my Chapter’s concerns about growth.
5) Creating relationships with other Chapters thru visiting and sharing our Most Wanted Categories so we can direct a visitor of filled categories back and forth is a new concept.
6) I never heard about scanning new member applications and sharing it with the Membership Committe. Thanks!
7) Having 1 to 1 Super Stars go out to the chapter by email is a great idea.
8) My favorite idea is to have a contest to track visitors for a quarter then the winner(s) get a quarter of breakfast dues paid.
9) It was nice to hear some emphasis on holding members in positions accountable for the good of the chapter.
10) What a great idea to do some branding as a chapter, we can use the members as resources to highlight their biz too.
10) We needed an insurance person in our chapter and another President has a friend looking for a chapter, so the visit is being set up.
11) Hearing that a chapter is getting a table cloth stitched with their name for Int. Networking Week then will use it each week at the meeting thereafter got me thinking how to highlight our Chapter in new creative ways.
12) Seeing the difference relationships make in a chapter is exciting as a new chapter.


Advanced Education
Goaling, Giving & Gaining More Money from BNI

I just wanted to reiterate my comments on the Advanced Education Modules Training; of Giving, Gaining and Goaling. I felt it was the most productive and helpful education that I have received, in my 3 years, as a BNI member.

The worksheets are thought provoking and give structure and guidelines for improving our business and those of our fellow members…it really makes the point about giving and gaining…with constructive action steps.

The presentation was great and the three hours really flew by. The interactive nature of the training was significant!

December Member Success Roundtables
"Best Things / Ah-Ha's" Comments

Training on 10 Minute Talk was very helpful to me.

Hearing that I could search for other Chapters and members on the new improved www.bnibroward.com website!

The idea of offering the Advanced Education at our Chapter is one we will use right away.

After going to trainings for over 5 years, I am increasingly impressed with the quality and it just keeps getting better!

As a new member in a new Chapter I am happy to hear that there is an emphasis on being part of a larger community, that focus is what I like to hear.

I am so excited that there will be a way to find and offer to be a sub for the region, that will be huge!

When Leo mentioned 40 Chapters- With 40 Members- In 40 Months my first thought was “Why Not?”

I joined for referrals, but keep seeing how this is about development and connection, I pay a lot for seminars and my Chapter paid for this, the value is just HUGE! I LOVE BNI!!!